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Emily Johnson
Social Media Manager

SmartTab FAQs

Have questions? We have all the answers!

Question 1: What is the purpose of this chrome extension?

Our chrome extension is designed to enhance your new tab experience by providing a range of customizable widgets that help boost productivity and tailor your browsing experience to your exact needs

Question 2: Can I personalize the widgets on the new tab page?

Absolutely! Our chrome extension allows you to customize and arrange the widgets according to your preferences, giving you full control over your browsing experience

Question 3: How does this extension help in increasing productivity?

By having access to various widgets, you can easily access important information, set reminders, monitor your favorite websites or social media accounts, and much more, all within a single browser tab. This streamlines your workflow and saves you valuable time

Question 4: How much does the SmartTab Chrome Extension cost?

The SmartTab Chrome Extension is absolutely free! There are no charges, payments, or subscriptions required. We believe in providing a valuable tool to enhance your browsing experience without any financial burden. Enjoy the full range of customizable widgets and productivity features without any cost – it's our way of making your online experience more efficient and enjoyable. Download and use the SmartTab Chrome Extension for free today!